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Second Opinion

A second opinion is an additional, independent assessment


What is a second opinion?

  • A second opinion is an additional, independent assessment of proposed or carried out therapies by a specialist.
  • A second opinion supports the patient in treatment decisions.
  • A second opinion is especially useful for conditions where a diagnosis is unclear, involves a serious or rare condition or when treatment options are risky.

An Online Second Opinion requires…


First diagnosis or therapy


Patient’s specific questions


Access to medical records

Current hurdles for patients

Self-reliant patients search for medical expertise but face hurdles. For an increasing number of patients, it has become a routine part of the medical process to seek a second opinion. But they also face time-consuming and cost-causing factors/processes.

  • Understanding the first diagnosis
  • Identification of medical experts
  • Arranging face-to-face appointments
  • Organizing travel arrangements
  • Traveling to experts locations
  • Waiting periods for appointments
  • Ensuring independence of medical advise

Doctoritas cares about self-reliant patient’s medical concerns.

Whenever patients are facing a troubling diagnosis for themself or a close relative one, Doctoritas enables patients to:

  • Be their own advocate: the right diagnosis, the right treatment at the right time!
  • Double-check serious, life-altering diagnosis
  • Doctoritas supports patients:
  • Without offending their own physicians
  • In a time and cost effective way

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