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Univ.-Prof. Brigitta Bunzel, MD

Medical Psychologist, Health Psycholoist, Psychotherapist

Brigitta Bunzel has many years of experience as clinical psychologist, health psychologist and psychotherapist.

She started her scientific career when the University Hospital for Surgery II in Vienna appointed Brigitta Bunzel clinical psychologist. Her research priorities are intensive care and cardiac surgery.

In 1984 Brigitta Bunzel became university assistant at the University Hospital for Surgery II with cardiac surgery and transplantation being her focus of research. In 1993 she achieved her habilitation in medical psychology.

  • 1993 Associate Professor of Medical Psychology
  • 1998 Professor of Medical Psychology
Professional Specialization
  • Client-centered psychotherapy (ÖGwG – Austrian association for person-centered psychotherapy)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Focusing-oriented therapy
  • Emergency psychological care
  • Working group „EuroPact“, transplantation medicine
  • Working group „EATPM“, psychosomatics in transplantation medicine
  • Working group “Cardiological Psychosomatics” of the Austrian Society of Cardiology
  • Founder member of the Sigmund Freud University of Psychotherapy Science in Vienna
Professorships / lectureships
  • University of Vienna
  • Lectureship at the Faculty of Basic Research and Integrative Studies of the University of Vienna (Grund- und Integrativwissenschaftlichen Fakultät): “Clinical Psychology of Acute Organic Disease”
  • Consultant in the field of the post-graduate university course for future clinical psychologist and health psychologist
  • Lecturer of the seminar “Medical Psychology”, compulsory for all students of the Medical University of Vienna
  • Seminar “Psychosomatics in organ transplantation” for psychotherapists
  • She regularly gives lectures for physicians, medical and nursing staff (at the General Hospital in Vienna (Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien), rehabilitation-facilities, specialized hospitals)
  • Kumnig M, Beck T, Höfer S, König P, Schneeberger S, Weißenbacher A, Bunzel B, Schüßler G, Rumpold G. (2013). Preoperative evaluation of the body concept of donors and recipients of living kidney donations.
  • Bunzel B, Laederach-Hofmann K, Wieselthaler G, Roethy W, Wolner E. (2007). Mechanical circulatory support as a bridge to heart transplantation: what remains? Long-term emotional sequelae in patients and spouses.
  • Dew MA, Switzer GE, DiMartini AF, Bunzel B. (2004). Psychological issues in unrelated living organ transplantation in children.
  • Laederach-Hofmann K, Begré S, Bunzel B. (2002). Integration process and organ-related fantasies in patients undergoing organ transplantation.
  • Laederach-Hofmann K, Bunzel B, Freundorfer E, Schubert MT. (2002). Changes in partner relationship after organ transplantation: comparison between heart, liver, and kidney transplantation.
  • Psychological Aspects of Cardiac Transplantation In: Dornelas, E:A: (Ed.). (2012). Stress Proof the Heart. Behavioural Interventions for Cardiac Patients.

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