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P. R., Austria

P. R.,  Austria

“The second  opinion report was very helpful. In clear and understandable words the doctor precisely described my diagnosis and provided me with recommendations for further examinations. I was astounded by the easy-to-use service and the fast delivery.”
Peter R.,  Austria

For years, Peter experienced growing severe pain in his left shoulder. He loves tennis. Sport in general plays  a big part in his leisure time.  After several months of constant pain and several doctors appointment Peter went for a MRI examination. But, the results were inconclusive. Doctors couldn’t give him a correct diagnose. All his efforts to find the right treatment did not succeed. Then he discovered Doctoritas. Peter provided his medical records and within a few days he received a second opinion form one of Doctoritas specialists.  Peter discussed the proposed treatment plan with his local physician and started the treatment. Today three months later Peter is totally pain free and he prepares himself for the next tennis season.

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