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J. M., Austria

J. M., Austria

“Receiving the diagnose and the recommendation to remove both lobes of the thyroid was very unsettling my mind. The second opinion of Doctoriats specialist, a renowned experts on thyroid disease, eased my mind by confirming the diagnose and the treatment plan.” 
Josef M., Austria

During a prophylactic medical examination an anomaly concerning some parameters could be associated with thyroid. It was suggested to remove both lobes. Josef wanted to take immediate action but was not sure as it would change his life. Within some days the second opinion of Doctoritas confirmed the first diagnose and the treatment option. Knowing that this treatment would be in accordance with international medical guidelines, Josef had both lobes remove. Due to removed thyroid he has to take medication on a daily basis as a standard procedure. Josef took a severe decision but he is sure that it was the right one.

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