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How does it work?

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Patient Registration

  • You, as the patient, answer initial questions such as type of specialty, type of recommended treatment in order to check if the case is covered by Doctoritas.
  • Doctoritas provides advance information concerning the coverage and optional medical specialist.

Case Generation

As a registered patient you will complete a detailed questionnaire concerning your case.

  • You upload the medical records (e.g. CT, MRI, X-Ray,…) corresponding to your case, to the Doctoritas portal.
  • You select your service package e.g. urgency of request (4 days or 8 days).
  • You pay for the service or provide your insurance contract data.
  • You submit your case.

Case Validation

  • Doctoritas checks the patient’s data and processes the uploaded medical records.
  • Doctoritas confirms the acceptance of medical specialists and delivery deadline.

Second Opinion Generation

  • Medical specialists review the patient’s data from the questionnaire and the medical records.
  • Medical specialists create a second opinion report.

Second Opinion Delivery

  • You receive a notification that the second opinion report for your case is ready to be downloaded.
  • You download report from your user account.
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