We care about your medical doubts


Our goal is the right diagnose and/or treatment plan for patient's individual needs.

The objective of Doctoritas is to support telemedicine second opinion services at high quality standards and in a cost-effective way in order to improve patient care both throughout Austria as well as internationally. By this support it is intended to reduce needless misdiagnosis and incorrect treatments and secondly better utilize the bottleneck resource medical specialist.

Doctoritas also sees itself as a pioneer for the establishment of telemedicine as part of the nationwide standard care in the Austrian as well as in international health sector.

Doctoritas helps people with questions about their health and indeed especially where they feel in the situation uncertain, have doubts or questions are a torment.


Doctoritas is an access to very specialised leading specialists who pursue their specialities with passion.

This passion makes them go ways that others do not, and therefore it comes to exceptional skills. Doctoritas supports patients in fast, efficient access to these skills so that patients can benefit with regard to their health issue.

Doctoritas is one of pioneers in telemedicine in the Austrian health care market. Today, there are no specialised provider for second opinions in Austria.

The team of Doctoritas shares the experience of difficult decisions, uncertain moments with its patients but also the will to move forward.



  • arrrow_ySovereign
    Committed to the best solutions for patient’s health situation
  • arrrow_r Reliable
    Frictionless execution
  • arrrow_gQuality conscious
    Effectiveness due to method and precision
  • arrrow_bObjective
    Independent of healtcare politics
  • arrrowCaring
    Treat our patients, partners and co-workers like we want to be treated
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