We care about your medical doubts
S. G., Switzerland

S. G., Switzerland

“The current healthcare system can be frustrating due to long processes and scaring waiting periods. Doctoritas is a total other experience as it is a simple, quick and precise service. Healthcare at its best!”…

E. P.,  Russia

E. P., Russia

“I am performing ballet dancer in Russia. The growing pain and difficulties to receive the right medical expertise for my case became more and more a burden. Thanks to Doctoritas and its helpful team, within a few days I received with a secon opinion….

M. D., Austria

M. D., Austria

“I was totally pleased to have received an alternative suggestion to the surgery and therefore my other leg will not be touched. What a blessing in my case! The Doctoritas Specialist provided a detailed second opinion in a very easy-to-understand language…

P. R.,  Austria

P. R., Austria

“The second opinion report was very helpful. In clear and understandable words the doctor precisely described my diagnosis and provided me with recommendations for further examinations. I was astounded by the easy-to-use service and the fast delivery…”

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